butterfly wings

who can mend the broken wings of a butterfly?


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Friday, May 10, 2002

the going's been tough. times are really bad and i just dun wanna do anything at all. bummed around the house today, doing absolutely nothing...and feeling bad. drew goes for his first interview today at PWD...poor chap getting paranoid as usual. we've been practically doing nothing these days and i am really bored. where's the fun bit? I TOTALLY refused to think of anything to do at all...sometimes i think andrew lacks creativity totally...part of me wants to see how many out of ten date locations are thought of by me...all he can think of is ...movie.....dinner......beach...I MEAN COME ON THERE MUST BE SOMEWHERE ELSE , SOMETHINGS ELSE that we can do.........CREATIVITY..... ARCHITECT!!!! this is a really cross me :( =0-0=

posted by yellow at 9:13 AM

what happens to broken butterfly wings? fragment? dissolve?
who will mend these wings?
breath by breath,
quiver through quiver...
ever wondered what happened to the butterfly?
clipped of its wings....

posted by yellow at 8:45 AM

who can mend the broken wings of a butterfly?

posted by yellow at 8:30 AM


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